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Registration Agreement

Please read below clan rules and accept for next steps.

1. No verbal abuse in Clan/Alliance chat;

2. No spamming in Clan/Alliance chat;

3. No trading in Clan chat;

4. No random invites for missions. If you need help, ask for it;

5. No begging for platinum or parts in Clan Chat;

6. Always welcome other members upon joining the clan;

7. Always help newbie if you free

8. No typing in capital letters on clan chat.

9. Discord is mandatory but mic optional.
9. Maximum inactivity kick out as below:

     * 7 days inactivity for MR 0-5

     *14 Days inactivity for MR 6-19

     * 21 Days inactivity for MR 20-24 (Only eligible for members who are more than 3 month with this clan)

10. Participate clan competition and DE events.

Every member that doesn't respect the clan rules will be expelled from the clan.

I accept the terms of service and privacy policy: